The Khaj-Mari Campaign

Defending eastern Ulaphia from the Midrythian Empire

A Hackmaster 4.0 Campaign

Khaj-Mari is a small section of eastern Ulaphia, where the Blood Mages have been working on building mysterious towers to protect their eastern border from their old enemies, the Midrythians. Here, in this dangerous land, strange magic is being used by the authoritative group known as “The Order”, a collection of powerful Blood Mages who have great influence in the Ulaphian High Command.

Skirmishes and battles have been taking place along the Wynn River, where the hated Midrythians are constantly sending in scouts, spies, and raiders to steal secrets, kidnap operatives, and sabotage Ulaphian plans for conquest.

Caught up in this web of politics, war, and blood are several rising stars among the Ulaphian ranks.

Together, they’ve been charged with dangerous missions to hunt down spies, make slaving raids on Ulaphia’s enemies, secure strategic ground, and bring glory to the Kingdom of Ulaphia.

Recent Sessions:

Session 3:
Chand Hunts Down Escaped Slaves, Including A Mage: “Oh crap, that was a lightning bolt he just cast, wasn’t it?”

Session 4:
Cleaning Out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part Two: “It sounds like a hot dog in a microwave!”

Session 5:
Cleaning Out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part Three: "It’s like a stone house, but underground!

Session 6:
Zhul-Mar: Under Siege: “Go! Spread the word! I’m your friend!”

Coming Soon:

Session 7:
July 17th: The Mark Of Chthallg


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