Zhul Mar

The Zhul-Mar Outpost

Zhul-Mar is a small outpost built about a century ago by the Midrythian Empire’s military. It was built in secret, in the jungle, on the Ulaphian side of the Wynn River, as a place to securely and stealthily base approximately 250 human troops as emergency reinforcements for a future battle, as near as possible to where the action was (at the time).

It was built on a strip of land between a narrow-but-deep (30’ deep) tributary to the Wynn River and the Wynn River itself.

Though it was designed to be defended against their larger, winged Ulaphian opponents, the Midrythians never had to fight over this ground.

Instead, they abandoned it only a few years after its construction when its strategic uses became limited by the action being focused many leagues further to the south.

The Ulaphians became aware of this outpost eventually, but only after it was abandoned. Having no use for it themselves, it has remained vacant for the better part of the last 90 years. Since then, it has fallen into disrepair.

The stonework in the above and below ground areas is fully intact, but the years of moisture and rot have made almost everything made of wood unsalvageable.

Zhul Mar

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