The Continent of Wyndfyre

Wyndfyre is a continent roughly the size of North America. It is located on a planet that is quite large, in the Prime Material Plane.

Wyndfyre has a long, and tumultuous history, but for the purposes of this campaign, the scope of articles relating to it will be more focused.

It is home to numerous nations, most notably for this campaign, the adjacent kingdoms of Ulaphia and Midrythia, which have been in a state of war (of varying degrees of intensity) for several hundred years.

Numerous gods have influence in Wyndfyre, from several different pantheons, but there are local deities that tend to be the more prominent ones, especially in Ulaphia, where Veraalon, Chthallg the Twisted One, and Falyn-Khar are worshipped almost exclusively. The Egyption pantheon (most notably Set) does have some followers there as well.

Wyndfyre’s climate ranges from tropical and extreme desert in the south to temperate, subarctic, and tundra in northern regions.

Due to the War of Tolyk, the diversity in Wyndfyre’s races has been diminished somewhat, as Halflings were all but wiped out (and those that remain have gone feral, and are typically found only in Tolyk’s Wood, living as primitives and hostile toward outsiders), the Gnomes were destroyed utterly, and the Dwarves fled for other Prime Material planes.

Humans and Elves are the dominant races on the continent as of this writing, though the Ulaphians have been making plans for millennia to emerge from their small corner of the continent and subjugate the other races under their will.

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