War of Tolyk


The War of Tolyk

The War of Tolyk is perhaps the most important turning-point in recent Wyndfyre history. It altered the face of the continent, wiped out entire races and nations, and has irrevocably changed the way Wyndfyre’s inhabitants view the power of a single magic-user as a force to be reckoned with.

The war began not with the self-proclaimed god Tolyk, but with a mundane human magic-user by the name of Igoth-Aron. Igoth-Aron was old, but powerful. He came across a stone that was part of the structure of the Fountain of Ipurlia. Working his magic on it, Igoth-Aron found that he could use it much the way the original three Ipur had, by making it a direct link to the Positive and Negative Material planes. In doing so, however, he attracted the attention of some unknown creature dwelling in the Negative Material plane, and this being inhabited the stone, changing its structure to that of a huge gem, and this being used the gem as a conduit to see into the Prime Material plane. Its force took over Igoth-Aron’s own mind, and transformed him into something horrible.

Igoth-Aron, now with the item that was later to be known as the “Eye of Skerros” began his reign of terror by causing a large explosion which he found to devastate over twenty square miles of land. Refining his grasp of the immense amount of power at his disposal, he was able to increase the intensity of these explosions, and was able to draw as much power as he wanted, at will, from the Eye. He then went on a rampage, and all that was ever left in his wake of madness was scorched earth, ash, and dust.

The areas most affected by this rampage are the (old) Kingdom of Bylyaron, Raedelthynys, northern Midrythia, and the lands just to the east of Raedelthynys that are now still only barely settled.

In the midst of this frenzy of destruction, the Eye of Skerros disappeared. Igoth-Aron didn’t need it anymore, having discovered how to make himself the medium for drawing such power, but the Eye found its way into the hands of a young human magic-user named Tolyk.

The Eye of Skerros had a horrific effect on Tolyk as well. Used to being wielded by a powerful sorcerer, the Eye quickly drained Tolyk of all of his life energy, but it left his soul, trapped in the dessicated husk that remained of his body. The next thing Tolyk was aware of was the fact that he was no longer alive, but he still was aware and could still walk the path of life. He became undead, and for all intents and purposes, a mighty lich with the powers of the Eye of Skerros at his disposal.

Tolyk learned much in his first months in possession of the Eye, and when he felt he had learned enough, he went after Igoth-Aron, who was at that time in the process of destroying Raedelthynys and the Inaedani elf armies along with it.

Tolyk and Igoth-Aron then engaged in combat with each other, one on one, and the result is what is now known as the Inner Sea of Radylyos. They drove the land itself down, and when the ocean rushed in, it swallowed them both, but the battle raged on. They chased each other across the land, leaving more destruction in their wake, but finally, Tolyk reigned supreme. Not much is known about what actually happened to Igoth-Aron, but when the battle was over and the smoke was cleared, Tolyk was the only one there, amidst a thousand miles of charred sand and rock and ash.

Tolyk was then challenged by Orthoroth, the most powerful of the three Ipur, and a strong force of good. Tolyk fought Orthoroth then, and the lich-god threw Orthoroth into the Pit of Veraalon, where the evil Ipur Veraalon was imprisoned long ago. Shortly afterward, Tolyk removed Orthoroth from his prison and cast him out of the plane and into the Void beyond even the Astral and Ethereal planes.

In over six centuries, the strongest of the Ipur has not been seen or heard from since.

Tolyk then took control. He formed the Divine Council of Wyndfyre, and with the help of the two remaining Ipur, Hollyn and Veraalon, he mended the destruction caused by the great battles, and rules the council to this day.

This began the current reckoning of time, known as the “Reign of Tolyk” (R.T.). The current year in Wyndfyre is R.T. 668.

Shortly after Tolyk’s battle with Orthoroth, however, the Eye of Skerros disappeared again. No one really knows what happened to it, and Tolyk himself is said to have spent nearly the entire first century of his reign on the continent of Wyndfyre himself searching for it. He has since given up this search, surmising perhaps that it drew itself back into the Negative Material plane from whence its powers came, but no sage can truly answer that question of questions: if it is still in Wyndfyre, to whom will it belong next?

Many a sage speculates that the current state of affairs in Wyndfyre is a direct result of having Tolyk presiding over the current Divine Council. For though he is powerful, he is also still obsessed with finding the Eye of Skerros, and has allowed the continent to fall into what may soon be a nearly perpetual state of war and chaos.

War of Tolyk

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