The Ulaphian Race

Hackmaster Specs: The Upside

Racial Bonuses:
  • Infravision at 60’ range
  • Fly at 24” (Maneuverability class C)
  • Powerdive ability

Initial Languages: Common, Ulaphian, Ogrish, Elvish, Orcish, Goblin, Gnoll, Troll

Talents: Balance Bonus

Allowable Classes: Assassin (10), bard (10), berserker (12), blood mage (U), cavalier (15)(initial evil alignments allowed), cleric (12), dark knight (U), fighter (18), invoker (10), magic-user (12), soldier (12), yakuza (7)

Allowable Multi-Classes: Fighter/magic-user, cleric/assassin, fighter/cleric

Attribute Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma

Attribute Minimums/Maximums: Males: Minimum 10 Strength, minimum 10 Constitution, maximum 14 Dexterity, maximum 16 Charisma Females: Minimum 9 Strength, minimum 9 Constitution, maximum 16 Dexterity, maximum 16 Charisma

Base Height: Males: 77”+1d12, females: 73”+1d12

Base Weight: Males: 270lbs+5d10, females: 250lbs+5d10

Building Point Bonus: 6

Additional Talents Which May be Purchased: From the Player’s Handbook: Acrobatic Skill Suite, Acute Alertness, Ambidextrous, Astute Observation, Blind Fighting, Grace Under Pressure, Heat Resistance, Illusion Resistant, Keen Sight, Photographic Memory, Sibling Empathy, Sixth Sense, Trident Bonus

From the class books: Called Shot Bonus (CG), Multiattack Bonus (CG), Quick Change (CG), Breath Weapon Bonus (GG), Quick Movement (GG), Blind Casting (SSG), Blood Turning (ZG), Burst of Speed (ZG), Concentration (ZG), Courage (ZG), Curse Resistance (ZG), Death Magic Bonus (ZG), Divination (ZG), Divine Shield (ZG), Divine Smite (ZG), Elemental Resistance (ZG), Enhanced Turning (ZG), Fast Turning (ZG), Follow-through Healing (ZG), Legacy (ZG), Life Smite (ZG), Mass Turning (ZG), Poison Bonus (ZG), Precision Casting (ZG), Prophecy (ZG), Quick Casting (ZG), Receptive Healer (ZG), Reduced Facing (ZG), Second Sight (ZG), Thick Blood (ZG), Vigor (ZG)

New Talents: Ulaphian Aerobatics

The Downside

  • Armor and other garb must be custom made to fit around wings, which makes it 200% more costly than normal if it is obtained outside of Ulaphia.
  • Not very well received by other races


Ulaphians, the strong, proud, evil race that was created by the renegade Ipur Veraalon to drive the elves into extinction, still dwell today on the continent of Wyndfyre, almost exclusively in Ulaphia. Some are exiled, and a few have chosen to leave Ulaphia in order to pursue adventures elsewhere, and those are normally the backgrounds of Ulaphian PC’s.

They are a tall race, normally above six and a half feet in height, and they all have inky black skin like dark elves. They are usually of large, muscular build, but their most notable attribute is their wide, bat-like wings. All Ulaphians have these, and all are capable of using them for flight. All Ulaphians are proud of their wings, and many a fight has started due to a careless comment from one of another race.

They normally have silver or white hair, which they keep back with headbands of steel or iron, and they have slightly slanted, reddish or brown eyes. Their ears are normally pointed, and they have little or no body hair.

Though they were once the dominant race of Wyndfyre, as mentioned above, they normally consider themselves above most other races.

Ulaphians can be assassins, bards, berserkers, blood mages, cavaliers, clerics, dark knights, fighters, invokers, magic-users, soldiers, or yakuza. Ulaphians tend toward evil, but Ulaphian player characters can be of any alignment. Ulaphian cavaliers are the exception to the “initial good alignments only” rule for cavaliers, so a Ulaphian cavalier can start out as any alignment desired as well.

Because of their size and sturdy structure, Ulaphians gain +2 to their Strength and +2 to their Constitution. Ulaphians over 7’ in height are considered large creatures, and suffer more damage from many types of weapons.

However, because of their unusual appearance, Ulaphians suffer -2 to their Charisma when dealing with other races.

Additionally, because of their bulk, Ulaphians receive a -2 penalty to their Dexterity to reflect their limited flexibility and agility.

Ulaphians speak the Common tongue (though many find this language of inferior races to be contemptable), as well as the Ulaphian, Ogrish, Elvish, Orcish, Goblin, Gnoll, and Troll languages.

Ulaphian society is organized and fairly rigidly structured in a caste system that only they understand. Weakness and stupidity is frowned upon, and strength, wile, and wisdom is rewarded and encouraged. They regard all other races as inferiors to be subjugated and enslaved (if not exterminated outright), and believe themselves to be the rightful owners of all lands.

Ulaphian cities are built into the sides of sheer cliffs in the western mountains of their homeland, though some large metropolitan areas have been reported deep in the Ulaphian desert as well.

Ulaphians are xenophobic by nature, and inherently mistrust outsiders, tending to “shoot first and ask questions later” when intruders or visitors come to call.

Because of their wings presenting great awkwardness and general lack of familiarity (and even aversion, in some cases) with all things maritime (since they hail from a high altitude, arid climate) Ulaphians are barred from taking any kind of swimming skill.

One thing all Ulaphians love is battle. They are vicious and cunning in combat, always looking for a way to show their prowess in all things martial.

They have a love of tridents that they are all brought up with from birth; the trident is the symbol of the Ulaphian High Command, and it is their preferred weapon in the Ulaphian military. Because of this weapon being in such high regard, all Ulaphian characters who are capable of taking trident as a weapon must have it as a weapon proficiency.

One special combat maneuver all Ulaphians are capable of is the powerdive.

This is typically performed in outdoor environments, for the charcter must have room to fly and needs to gain sufficient height (65’ minimum) in order to perform this maneuver. The dive consists of taking flight, gaining the necessary altitude, and diving at an extremely steep, near-vertical angle in an attack with a puncturing weapon against an opponent on the ground.

Powerdive initiative: if the character starts out on the ground, it takes 3 rounds to climb (65’ minimum height for a powerdive), then the attack is (distance/7) + init roll on the following round. If the character is already airborne, it takes 2 rounds to climb if starting out from 20’ above the ground, and one round to climb if starting out 40’ above the ground. If the Ulaphian is already 60’ or higher, a powerdive can be made that same round with (distance/7) + init roll for the initiative. Remember to add in weapon speed factor and reaction adjustment when calculating initiative.

Powerdives work as a charge: +2 to hit and damage, but no DEX adjustment to AC if the Ulaphian is attacked during this maneuver.

Powerdive damage: double damage dice, +2 (for charge), + STR damage bonus, gets penetration on the max value of the damage die, as well as max – 1.

Chance to crit for a powerdive attack is on a 19 or a 20 (d8000+2000 should be used for the location roll).

To pull out of a powerdive, the Ulaphian must save vs. paralysis or take 1d6 damage for every 5’ fallen, to a maximum of 20d6.

If an opponent has a polearm (which is longer than the powerdiving Ulaphian’s weapon) braced to receive a powerdive, the defender gets -3 to his init for this round and a normal attack roll. If the attack is successful, the polearm damage dice are doubled, and the Ulaphian gets -3 on his save vs. paralysis to pull out of the dive.

The defender always gets a DEX check to avoid the falling Ulaphian if the paralysis save fails and the Ulaphian crashes at the end of his dive. If the defender is struck by the Ulaphian in the crash, each individual involved takes 1d6 damage per 10’ the Ulaphian has fallen. to a maximum of 20d6.

Powerdiving can be attempted if the character is encumbered, but the dive automatically ends in a crash (no save vs. paralysis necessary). This also adds 1 round to the climb time needed to reach the necessary height.

Ulaphians characters age much the same as dwarves, starting with a base age of 40 with a variable of 5d6, and have a maximum age range of 250+2d100 years.

New Talents:

Ulaphian Aerobatics

Allowed Races: Ulaphian

Cost: 12 BP

The Ulaphian Aerobatics talent allows a Ulaphian to fly with greater control, enabling faster changes in speed, direction, and acceleration. Effectively, in HackMaster terms, it enables a Ulaphian to improve his maneuverability class by one category. Since Ulaphians are by default maneuverability class C, this means that a Ulaphian with the Aerobatics talent is considered to be maneuverability class B, meaning that he can turn 120 degrees per round, requires only six segments to reach full speed, five segments to come to a full stop, and is capable of hovering in place, but only for as many segments as he has Constitution points.

An additional benefit to this talent is to give the Ulaphian a +2 bonus to the saving throw vs. Paralysis required to pull out of a powerdive.

Note that normal penalties apply to missile weapon fire while hovering, and spell casting of any kind is totally impossible, due to the vigorous exertion necessary for any Ulaphian to remain aloft.


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