Ulaphians organize their military much the way most other races do: in brigades, batallions, divisions, companies, et cetera.

However, many millennia of warfare have led to the development of their elite forces, organized in 120-man units known as Tzezans.

Each Tzezan is made up of 12 platoons which are in turn made up of 10 individuals, one of whom is normally an officer of at least the rank of First Lieutenant (though sometimes there is a second officer in a platoon of the rank of Second Lieutenant), and the rest being enlisted troops.

Each platoon is then separated into two squads, normally referred to “Alpha” and “Beta” squads, respectively. Each squad is normally led by a sergeant.

All members of a Tzezan, from the lowly private to the Tzezan Commander, are hand-selected by the Ulaphian military elite, based on experience, training, and proven valor in battle. They are then each subjected to the most brutal and unforgiving training the Ulaphians have been able to come up with in their desert land.

The result is a military unit of surpassing bravery, ferocity, discipline, and precision in battle.

Their usual formation is all 120 individuals flying in what appears from the ground to be a giant trident.

It is not known how many Tzezans there are in the Ulaphian military forces, but given their status as “elite” forces, it is assumed that they are greatly outnumbered by Ulaphian “regulars”, which, being capable of flight, are still quite formidable.


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