The Terrosian Empire


Terros is the oldest and most developed of the human nations of Wyndfyre. It was founded while humans were still largely primitive nomads living in the wilds on the eastern part of the continent, thrived after its organization and unification, was largely untouched by the destruction that resulted from the War of Tolyk and remains well-defended by its range of mountains on one side, and the sea on the other.

It has enjoyed good relations throughout most of its history with its neighbors to the west (Bylyaron and Midrythia), and is a prominent power of Wyndfyre both by land and by sea.


Terros is defined by the Terrosian Range of mountains all along its western border. The mountains stretch all the way from the Wastelands in the north, to the sea on the southern end of the continent.

Apart from the mountains that make up one of its borders, Terros is mostly a lush land of rolling green hills, golden plains, and thick woodlands.

Well-kept roads connect all of its cities and towns, all the way to the smallest villages and hamlets, and an exceptionally organized civil authority structure keeps order in the empire with its well-established constabulary.


Terros is an empire, ruled by a hereditary emperor. The empire consists of 21 duchies/provinces that are each ruled by a duke or a prince who pays fealty to the crown. Each duchy is responsible for a yearly tribute paid in the form of gold and silver, but also in trade goods as appropriate or requested by the emperor’s tax collectors.

Each duchy is also responsible for supplying a number of trained knights and troops, the numbers of both depending upon the size of the duchy and the needs of the empire as a whole.


The Terrosian Empire trades mostly with Midrythia and Bylyaron, though it does engage in frequent trade with the Nephistani elves of Raedelthynys by sea.

Most of Terros’ trade goods are metal works and raw metal, though they do a fair amount of trade in spices, textiles, and livestock as well.

Terrosian cotton and linen are both prized, and the horses that come out of Terros are said to be the finest in all of Wyndfyre. Knights and riders from all nations long to be the owner of a “charger from Terros”, and most will pay exorbitant prices to obtain one.


The vast majority of the people of Terros are human, and most of them are tall, fair of skin, with dark hair. Some fair-haired families dwell in the duchies in the northern portions of Terros, and some in the southern areas of the empire have darker skin due to some inter-marrying with Midrythians.

Some elves also dwell in Terros, most of whom are either Wood Elf exiles or Nephistani exiles, though it is rumored that a pocket of Inaedani elves are living in secret somewhere in Terros, under the protection of the emperor for some magical services that were rendered to an ancestor of his long ago.


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