Stinky’s Tavern

Stinky’s Tavern in Khaj-Mari is one of what apparently is a chain of crappy low-end bars that cater to the riffraff military population. The scope of this chain is not known to its full extent, but at least one other “Stinky’s” is noted, located in the city of Lotanis on the demiplane of Tal-dania.

Stinky’s as a chain is known for being quite rough around the edges. Barroom brawls are not only to be expected, they are the norm, the ale is normally of extremely low quality, and the patronage is typically the loudest, most violent, and dangerous. The food, strangely enough, is well above average, and the rooms – while sparse – are quite secure compared to the bar areas.

Stinky’s Tavern in Lotanis, Tal-Dania, was voted “Most Appropriate Tavern Name” as well as “Tavern Most Likely To Burn Down” in R.T. 664, and Stinky’s in Khaj-Mari, Ulaphia was awarded the distinguished “Most Likely Place In Which To Have A Bottle Broken Over Your Head” award three years running.

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