The Kingdom of Raedelthynys

Though the shape of this land has changed significantly since ancient times, Raedelthynys has been home to the Grey Elves of Wyndfyre since long before the other races were awakened by the gods in times much forgotten by history.


Raedelthynys was once part of a long peninsula connected to the area now known as Tel-Y’rosa, and has always been inhabited by elves. This land was much fought over and bloodied by the long and brutal wars between the elves and Ulaphia, and it was from Raedelthynys that the elves eventually launched the offensive that ended those wars millennia ago.

This area was wracked by the convulsions of the land during the rampage of Igoth-Aron during the War of Tolyk, and became a chain of islands.

It is still home to the only nation of Grey Elves of Wyndfyre, though all of them are of the Nephistani clan of elves, having defeated and displaced the Inaedani clan from which they sprung in ancient times.

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