Midrythians are the citizens of the Midrythian Empire, and are predominately made up of humans, though many elves, half-elves, half-orcs, and even a few renegade Ulaphians make up a small, non-human minority.

They are known as a sea-going people, though much of the population is engaged in farming, tanning, and leatherworking as well.

While they’ve had their skirmishes and tensions in the past, the Midrythians tend to be friendly toward the peoples of Terros, particularly when their neighbors to the west are less than amicable.

Midrythian people who live along the border of Terros tend to be more heavily influenced by Terrosian culture, and most wear clothing more traditionally associated with that neighbor to the east and even speaking the Terrosian dialect for everyday communication.

However, to the south, where it is much warmer (and in the plains much more arid and dusty, most Midrythians dress in cooler garb, favoring loose linen robes and normally keeping the head covered as well.

During the dry season, hot winds from the west can at times bring sand storms over the mountains from Ulaphia, and on the southern Midrythian plains dust storms are also frequent, making it necessary for inhabitants to also wear face coverings, which make it easier to breathe.


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