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Here I have a lot of general information about this campaign setting as a whole, but I have focused primarily on Ulaphia and things Ulaphian since this campaign takes place almost entirely within that kingdom. I’ve also included bits and pieces of a lot of other things mostly to put this campaign in context, not to provide a complete writeup of my entire campaign setting.

Main Articles

Wyndfyre: An entire continent of adventure

Bylyaron: The nation of elves and men

Midrythia: An ancient empire in the southern quarter of the continent

The Empire of the Jaguar: A savage culture in the dense jungles south of Ulaphia made up of the Kuvoan City States

Raedelthynys: The island nation of the Grey Elves

The Terrosian Empire: Powerful human civilization in the east

Ulaphia: Desert home of the winged folk

The War of Tolyk: Destruction on a massive scale that changed the face of a continent

The Gods: Deities relevant to this campaign

Main Page

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