Khaj Mari


The Province of Khaj-Mari

Khaj-Mari is an area that makes up most of the eastern edge of Ulaphia, right up against the line of jagged rock known as the Ulaphian Wall, governed by the city of the same name.

Most of the Khaj-Mari area is part of the Black Desert, and encompasses an area from Kyldrys and Tardotzh to the west, and the entire length of the Ulaphian Wall to the east.

The land is flat, sandy desert punctuated by high, rocky, flat hills, and the area which lies within the Black Desert is covered in dark, volcanic rock that has eroded to a fine, black sand in most areas.

The city of Khaj-Mari is much smaller than the city of Kyldrys, being home to around 10,000 Ulaphians and a few thousand slaves of other races, but it is essentially one giant military base with extended civilian-run infrastructure. Access to the walled city of Khaj-Mari is granted only to those with notes of authorization from either the local civil authority, or from the Ulaphian High Command itself.

The city was built upon a tall, flat hill that is common in this area (see the Khaj-Mari banner graphic above for an example of this!).

The area is also the base of operations for the mysterious Tower Project, a plan to build defensive towers to guard all of the gaps in the Ulaphian Wall in case of an invasion from the east.

Khaj Mari

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