Kaphmus Tower

Kaphmus Tower

Kaphmus Tower is one of at least twelve tall, stone towers under construction near natural gaps in the Ulaphian Wall.

Near it is a large slave camp and two semi-permanent stone buildings constructed there to provide areas from which to manage the tower construction and the Ulaphian personnel involved with it.

The slave camp consists of a large, wooden palisade erected around a cluster of wooden and mud-brick huts in which the (predominately human) slaves dwell.

Kaphmus Tower has been in progress for nearly nine years at this point. It is constructed of very finely-cut black stone quarried from an area somewhere nearby in the Ulaphian Wall. It is approximately 60’ wide at its base, and it tapers to only half that at its apex.

Kaphmus Tower is currently 120’ tall. There is a single opening at ground level that leads into a large open chamber, at the center of which is a 20’ deep pit lined with the same cut stone.

The rest of the structure appears to be solid, or if there are voids within it, they are inaccessible from outside or from the single chamber at the ground level. The final shape and makeup of the top of the crown of this tower is yet to be revealed, though it does appear that Kaphmus Tower is nearing completion.

Now in its final stages, work has apparently been begun on a small chamber at the tower’s top, presumably only reachable by winged individuals, as no staircase or other method of entrance is apparent.

The commander of Kaphmus Tower is a blood mage of considerable power named Vilimar Ironbrow.

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