Chthallg the Twisted One

Chthallg the Twisted One is a god of the same category as the original three Ipur, but he had no form or power in Wyndfyre until form was given him by Veraalon.

Chthallg is credited in Wyndfyre as the father of orcs and of the orc-kin, including bugbears, ogres, goblins, ettins, kobolds, and giants.

As he was brought forth onto this plane inside of Tardotzh itself during Veraalon’s imprisonment there, Chthallg seems curiously immune to its god-trapping effects, and it is rumored that he still dwells there today, having claimed Tardotzh as his realm.

It is said that nobody knows of Tardotzh’s secrets (aside from Hollyn, the only remaining Ipur who created it) like Chthallg, and he is known to have appeared to worshippers of his who are in dire need of his guidance, particularly those of orcish blood.

Many Ulaphians also worship the Twisted One, though most of these are in eastern Ulaphia, dwelling within sight of Tardotzh itself. To his worshippers Chthallg represents order, respect of strength and power, and the eventual supremacy of the struggle for dominance in the world.

Physically, Chthallg is a horror to behold and is supernaturally ugly. He is a massive bipedal creature, with an orc-like head, but with an oversized lower jaw from which springs two huge tusks that protrude out in front of him. His beady eyes are quite tiny, and very close together, and his heavily-muscled frame sits atop two legs that are also disproportionately small.

His appearance is deceptive and misleading, however, for Chthallg is said to be in possession of a wicked cunning and a very sharp intelligence.

He is purported to occasionally wade into combat weaponless, using his enormous bare hands to rend his screaming opponents to pieces.

There are several symbols associated with Chthallg worship. The most notable ones are a large, deformed, clenched fist, the silhouette of Tardotzh, an orc-like skull with prominent tusks protruding from the lower jaw, and a broken humanoid femur bone.


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