The Nation of Bylyaron

Bylyaron, while a bit chaotic and far-flung, is known as the home of the free-folk of Wyndfyre, regardless of their race or tribe.

History, Before and After

The nation of Bylyaron has existed in two forms. Before the War of Tolyk it was a heredetary monarchy ruled by a beneficent dynasty for nearly 800 years.

However, the War of Tolyk wiped out that line of rulers, destroyed much of the kingdom’s peoples, and left the land lifeless and barren.

After the War, and after Tolyk himself had attempted to heal the blasted lands there, a new nation was formed after many humans and elves who had been scattered by the devastation of the War came back to find Bylyaron green and fertile once again.

They had no ruling family, instead selecting rulers from their own populace from the tribes of men and from the elves that chose to settle there again to rule as a council.

As a result, Bylyaron is a free nation, as its ruling council takes pains to represent all of the races dwelling within its borders.


Bylyaron is located west of northern Terros, and directly north of Midrythia.

Bylyaron is friendly toward both the peoples of Terros as well as those of Midrythia, though to the south, there is a wild expanse of land more than 500 miles wide between any inhabited areas of Bylyaron or Midrythia, so there is rarely any tension over territory or borders.

It encompasses the Wood Elf domain of Solrynest’a in the northeast of Bylyaron, and nearly a third of Bylyaron’s area is covered by Tolyk’s Wood and is largely untouched by civilized folk.

Much of Bylyaron’s lands are wild and unsettled yet, as they cover many leagues, and the kingdom’s population is still recovering from the War. Many roads are still being made, and villages are slowly growing, and in many areas still unsettled there are ancient cities of the old kingdom lying in ruins.


Much trade is had with both the Midrythians and the Terrosians, and some even with the elves of Raedelthynys, though due to the difficulty in travel westward overland from Bylyaron to this island nation of the Nephistani, much of that trade is done through intermediaries (such as Midrythia or Terros) and via ship, in the long sail around the southern side of the continent.

Bylyaron’s primary trade items are agricultural and lumber. With wide open, fertile plains in its eastern half, and Tolyk’s Wood covering so much area in its western side, grains and wood of surpassing quality make their way to other nations in large amounts.

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