Vilimar Ironbrow


Vilimar Iron brow is the Blood Mage that is the commander of Kaphmus Tower’s construction. Vilimar answers to Denphi Tulo, who is also in charge of the commanders of Erephmus Tower and Sephmus Tower.

Vilimar has a very tight schedule to maintain, and is under great scrutiny from his superiors, as the construction of Kaphmus Tower is of key importance to the defense of the Ulaphian Wall, more so than the others, for this is the area in which Ulaphian High Command is expecting the brunt of the coming Midrythian invasion when war finally breaks out.

Vilimar has more experience than his peers at Erephmus and Sephmus Towers, however, and their inability to keep up with his workforce’s progress has made him look pretty good in the past few years. As a result, Vilimar Ironbrow is going places, politically, and he looks fondly upon those that aid him in that light.

Vilimar Ironbrow

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