Cleaning out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part One

“Whatever is behind that door must be really bad.”

Lieutenant Salenda Athysh, after leading her platoon on a successful slaving run (with help from “the Broken Sersh Maneuver”!), treated her grunts to a night on the town in Stinky’s Tavern, a local roughneck bar in Khaj-Mari.

The next day, Tzezan Commander Graf gave her orders to clean out an old Midrythian outpost that was built on the Ulaphian side of the river, but has been abandoned for about 90 years. The Tzezan commanders in the area have grown suspicious of the increase in activity along the river, and they’ve decided that it’s prudent to station some troops closer to where the action is likely to be. Zhul-Mar, the old, abandoned outpost, is ideally positioned for this purpose, but since it’s been unused for decades, it’s bound to have lots of nastiness in it.

As it turns out, it did.

Salenda took her whole platoon to Zhul-Mar, and left four of them to defend the keep (above ground) while she and her other four (Staff Sergeant Ormech, Sergeant Veskin, Private Sulorand, and Private Rhetif) went into the dungeon to see what was living there now. She sent one back to Dul-Garad Garrison to accompany the Blood Mage Chand Urnwar to Zhul-Mar when he became available.

They found several Creeping Horrors, which they dealt with, and then were met by Chand when Private Risgar returned with him.

Lieutenant Salenda went back into the dungeon then, this time with Chand, Ormech, Veskin, and Sulorand, and they slew two Subterranean Lizards and got into another battle with two more Creeping Horrors, in which Chand was almost killed, but was dragged to safety by Staff Sergeant Ormech.

The last Creeping Horror decided to flee, but chose to stand and fight a losing battle against the character party, rather than go through the door in the back of the room.

What could be so awful that such a creature as this would choose to die rather than face it?



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