Zhul-Mar: Under Siege
"Go! Spread the word! I'm your friend!"

Two days after Salenda Athysh’s platoon finished cleaning out the Zhul-Mar outpost, her men were relieved by the new outpost commander, Captain Zilas. He arrived with an entire Tzezan of men of his own to garrison there and make preparations for another division of troops that were on the way.

In the mean time, Salenda and her own troops were granted time in the city of Khaj-Mari to train and relax.

Salenda trained in fighter and then in cleric, and just as she was finishing up her training week at the Temple of Chthallg in Khaj-Mari, an ogre slave went feral in the city street, and she was able to singlehandedly slay him on the steps of the temple before any harm could be done.

She and her men enjoyed some time off, but it was cut short when she received a message from her own Tzezan Commander Graf T’zaad to return to Zhul-Mar immediately, as the newly obtained outpost was under attack, and it looked like a full scale invasion!

Cleaning out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part Three
"It's like a stone house, but underground!"

Salenda Athysh spent a week in Khaj-Mari training, and when she returned to Dul-Garad she found that the clifftop fortress was crawling with humans!

Sersh was kind enough to explain to her (as he was there as the daily message runner from the rest of her platoon still at Zhul-Mar on security detail) that apparently contact had been made with the Kuvoans from the Empire of the Jaguar. Salenda didn’t know much about them, only that they were primitive humans who dwelled in the jungle peninsula to the south of Ulaphia.

Sersh went on to explain that while there had been contact, no alliance had been forged, only a mutual exchange of military divisions, on a trial basis, to act as consultants for their respective kingdoms, to see how things went.

As they landed at Dul-Garad, Salenda found one of the Kuvoans, a tall, dark-skinned man with jet black hair, staring at her as she shook off the dust from her trip.

He introduced himself as YacXolotlan and explained in halting speech (he’d only just learned bits of the common tongue) that he had been assigned to Lieutenant Salenda’s platoon as a part of this exchange, and he wanted to know what their mission was.

Cleaning out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part Two
"It sounds like a hot dog in a microwave!"

After training and increasing some skills and powers, Chand Urnwar and Salenda Athysh return to Zhul-Mar Outpost to resume reclamation operations there.

Knowing that it had been at least three weeks since they last had anybody down in the dungeon proper (even though they had left five of Salenda’s platoon there to guard the keep topside) they re-entered the dungeon with caution.

Chand Hunts Down Escaped Slaves, Including A Mage
"Oh crap, that was a lightning bolt he just cast, wasn't it?"

After spending a week working with the Blood Mages of Kaphmus Tower, Chand Urnwar is given an urgent mission by his commander, Vilimar Ironbrow.

“Chand,” said Vilimar, “a group of slaves managed to escape the slave camp. We don’t know how long they planned this in advance, but their plan worked because among them was a mage.”

“A mage?!” asked Chand in shock. “How did a mage end up among slaves working on the tower? I thought we killed all enemy magic-users as policy?”

Salenda's Training
“I’m getting totally boned by die rolls here.”

Salenda Athysh journeyed to khaj mari and spent some time training in both Cleric (at the Temple of Chthallg) and as a fighter (at the military base there). She had to liquidate a bunch of gems to pay the training costs… but now the party has a Cleric/Fighter at 3rd level/2nd level.

Not too shabby. If Chand Urnwar survives his session next Tuesday, the party will also have a 2nd level Blood Mage.

But we’ll see.

Cleaning out Zhul-Mar Outpost: Part One
“Whatever is behind that door must be really bad.”

Lieutenant Salenda Athysh, after leading her platoon on a successful slaving run (with help from “the Broken Sersh Maneuver”!), treated her grunts to a night on the town in Stinky’s Tavern, a local roughneck bar in Khaj-Mari.

The next day, Tzezan Commander Graf gave her orders to clean out an old Midrythian outpost that was built on the Ulaphian side of the river, but has been abandoned for about 90 years. The Tzezan commanders in the area have grown suspicious of the increase in activity along the river, and they’ve decided that it’s prudent to station some troops closer to where the action is likely to be. Zhul-Mar, the old, abandoned outpost, is ideally positioned for this purpose, but since it’s been unused for decades, it’s bound to have lots of nastiness in it.

As it turns out, it did.


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